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Important note:
1-DO NOT try to protect windows system folders, Documents and Settings or Current user folder
If you have any folders/files needs protection, then move them to a folder and protect the new created folder.
2-You must have required permission (Modify, List, Read and Write) to the folder and all it's subfolders/files. (this will make sure you have rights to protect this folder). if you lock a folder without right permissions, you will not be able to unlock that folder (mostly you will get NOT VALID PASSWORD error message).
3-All files must be closed "not used/opened by any other users or program" otherwise the protection will be failed.
4-Make sure you test the program in test folder first.
5-Deleting protected folder means deleting original folder.
6-Test the folder before you lock it.
How Folder Latch works: download the file from above link, save it in any folder you wish or on the desktop, run the program. accept the agreement.

Steps for locking and unlocking folders:

Locking a Folder (Protecting a Folder)

1-Select Lock Folder, click agree (this make sure you understand the agreement)
2-Select folder you want to protect. Or just right click on the selected folder then and then click Lock Folder
3-Click Verify (this step will make sure you have necessary permissions to lock the folder) works 90% “unless some unknown system error”
4-Enter desire password and re type the password “DO NOT COPY AND PASTE”
5-Click Protect, this process takes few minutes for big size folder, in this demo took almost 10 minutes
After the process is finished you will see message (successful or failed) message

For any reason if the folder didn’t pass the requirements, you will get error message with system error log

Unlocking a Folder (Un protecting Folder)

1-Run the program, select second option (Unlock Folder), click agree.
2-Click search, type the drive as C:\ or D:\ click OK, this option will allows you to find all protected folders
With Folder Latch. All folders end with extinction __sbx
3-Select a folder from the left box.
4-Type the password you entered in locking steps
5-Finally click Unprotect (Note make sure you have enough disk space in your hard drive for big folders)

Important note: Please use password hint, we CAN NOT HELP YOU if you lost your password
Also, Version 3 and above NOT backward compatible: this means if you protected a folder with version 1 till 2.5, version 3 CAN NOT unlock it.


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