Day after day the privacy becoming more important and more personal, unfortunately Microsoft and many other OS doesn’t provide an easy way to protect and restrict access to your secret or very private files. Folder Latch is a program to protect your confidential data with packing and encryption the folder within easy steps.

After you locked the folder the folder will be protected and prevented from accessing to it unless you enter valid password. Folder Latch is compatible for all Microsoft OS (Windows 9x, ME, 200x, XP and Vista)
With Folder Latch you can protect any folder up to 4 GB (Folder/Files must have "Full permission" rights to avoid from protecting other's folder.
Folder Latch is multi language program, you can translate the program to your language easily.


Folder Latch previously distributed as freeware, but we couldn't support volume download and high traffic, so we added new options and improved the speed with better security. the cost of this new version will help us to improve and continue to support this product 

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